Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Choice to Start a Blog has been made.

The Choice to maintain a Blog seems Natural now

I have been writing, rather sporadically, for some time now. Some have been published and some not. I have realised that when I sit down and write on a given topic I benefit the most out of this exercise. I end up taking a good look at the subject at hand and the research I engage in brings issues and perspectives into such sharp focus, that I often wonder it may be not be possible otherwise. One has to sweat to get to that vantage point. At times others who read my articles say they enjoyed reading them and learnt a thing or two.

I sat and wondered why not put all these pieces together on a blog. May be some one finds it worth the while to read my posts and articles. Particularly the unpublished ones. There is nothing a like a word of encouragement and this will help me in sustaining that discipline that is central to all writing. Inspiration does not stay all along. The gas from the aerated soda quickly subsides. It has to give way to hard work if we are to complete the task that gets started by something inspiring. I think it was Bertarand Russel who said discipline is living up to the resolves that we make during moments of insipration and working on them long after the inspiration is gone. Writing is a lot about discipline.

When you are not published you are naturally dissapointed and perhaps the Blog will do someting to overcome that and that I will continue write hoping I can publish it in my Blog even if the piece finds no publisher. A mechanism to make myself dissappointment proof.

When I post published artilces in this blog I will acknowldge the publisher. Over the course of time I will add and enhance this introductory piece till it is clear and complete. Some time later I will write about the caption I choose for my Blog - Moonsoon Meanders.

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